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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The New Novel is Available!

Wands are for pretenders. Staffs for the impotent. Magic is an Art, and the only thing a real Wizard uses to create is his mind.

Joshua Awen used to cast spells as easily as he'd argue the theory behind them, but now he's lost his Wizard's power. These days he has access only to the rougher and less prestigious Magician magic, and he's met a beautiful cursed girl who needs saving.

Joshua embarks on a quest to help this girl all the while certain that something or someone is behind his meeting Ananda and stumbling upon a magic city.

This novel is set in a future where technology has given most people limited access to magic. Think Max Frei's "The Stranger" meets Charles Stross's "Accerlerando" with a dash of martial arts thrown in for good measure.

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